The marine area is part from Zembra and zembretta National Park which was established in 1977.
Zembra and zembretta National Park is located in the north-eastern part of the Gulf of Tunis, near Ras El Ahmer, about 15 Kilometers from Sidi Daoued, city of Nabeul.
Zembra and Zembrettas are mountainous islands with imposing cliffs. The site presents a scientific potential top. The marine flora presents some affinities with the one so-called " cold of the west north of the Mediterranean. She/it is composed by phanérogames as Posidonia Oceanica and of algaes as Cystoseira spinosa…The marine fauna of fishes is characterized by an abundance of Castagnoles Chromis chromis à all depths, by many Sparidaes (notably Diplodus vulgaris), and by Serranus scriba, Epinephelus guaza, Sciaena nigra. The benthos consists among others of Astroides very abundant calycularis on the cliffs coins marines, the newt Charonia nodifera, of the Cypreaes and the Patella gigantic Patella ferruginea currently threatened with disappearance by intensive pickup in the Mediterranean.
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