The Regional activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) is responsible for the implementation of the Project. It receives the support of the following Partners:
Partner 1: Instituto Centrale per la Ricerca scintifica e technologica Applicata al Mare), Rome - Italy. Hereinafter refereed to as ICRAM
Partner 2: Unidad di Biologia Marine of the Universidad de Alicante: Instituto Universitario del Agua y de las Ciencias Ambientales (University of Alicante, Spain). Hereinafter refered to as UBM
Partner 3: Atelier Technique des Espaces Naturels, Montpeliier- France.Hereinafter referred to as ATEN.
Each Partner designated one senior expert to be responsible for the Project’s activities to be undertaken under the responsibility of the Partner in question. He will be the vis-à-vis of the Technical Director of the Project.