The National Park was established in 1992. concerning the marine area, The project of creation proposes a zoning according to uses and activities as follow : -a marine strict nature reserve (1.600 hectares), - a sustainable natural resource use marine zone or buffer zone (15.600 hectares). The protected marine part extends until 3 nautical miles offshore (about 5.5 km), using the fisheries legislation in order to prohibit trawling. The strict marine reserve covers 500 m from the shore (which corresponds to a depth of 40 to 60 m) while the remaining part until 3 miles remains open to local fishermen activities, accessible through four channels
Al Hoceima National Park is located on the mediterranean coast of Morocco, about 50 kilometers east Gibraltar straight, near the city of Al Hoceima, Province of Al Hoceima.
The marine area covers almost 17200 hectars.
The marine area is under the influence of the Atlantic waters entering the Mediterranean through Gibraltar, so the species are from the two origins.
One of the peculiarities of the marine flora is the presence of Laminaria rodreguizii. For the marine fauna, the Mediterranean Monk seal has recently (last 10 years) disappeared from this area, but is still visiting it every year. The fish fauna is rich (more than 100 species), and in particular numerous groupers (Epinephelus sp.) of different ages, the area being certainly a spawning and nursery area. Offshore, dolphins are present and a famous high quality red coral (Corallium rubrum) can be found on the rocky substrates. The avifauna is rich (about 80 species), with in particular: osprey (Pandion halieatus), Audouins's gull (Larus audouini), white-eyed gull (Larus cachinans), Bonelli's eagle, golden eagle, lesser spot eagle, the Griffon vulture, chough and short toed eagle. The dozen of pairs of ospreys and the last census indicating 38 nesting areas make this area the second most important site of the Mediterranean, after the Scandola Protected Area in Corsica (about 20 pairs).
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